GP Survival had our second meeting, on April 17th, with NHS England and PriceWaterhouseCoopers regarding Capita/PCSE’s handling of GP pension contributions.

Capita had intended to be present, but were unable to attend.

I have broken the outcomes up into a series of posts for simplicity; below outlines the follow-up on the agreements from the last meeting:

  • Casework: so far GP Survival have raised about 20 cases with NHS England, and several of these have been resolved, including cases covering:
  • Closing cases: following on from the agreement last time that you should not be asked to open another case if you have previously done so and the issue remains outstanding, this is still happening on occasion, particularly in relation to performer’s list issues.
  • On that front, performers’ list issues continue to be a significant issue, and a new problem has emerged (as covered in the relevant post) whereby members submitting end of year forms are having those rejected due to an inaccurate performer’s list status which is then not being updated.
  • Wet signatures: this has been largely successful, with a significant reduction in people reporting they have been asked to provide a physical signature.


  • We agreed that clear, publically-available information is needed on the process of applying for, and timescales to get a response for:
    • Making payments of historical pensions arrears / underpayments
    • Reclaiming historical pensions overpayments
    • Divorce paperwork (CETVs)
    • Death-in-service, both for the terminally ill and for bereaved spouses / pension beneficiaries
    • Ill-health retirement
  • Thank you, as ever, to those of you who have allowed me to raise the cases which have informed these areas
  • Information needs to be published publically in one place, so that we avoid slightly different versions of the same information appearing on PCSE / NHSE / NHS Pensions’ websites